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Who we are
White Cat Creations is situated in Heidelberg, Gauteng and is your go to store for laser cutting, etching and marking. Custom order are welcome and we will quote according to requirements.




What we do
We laser cut, laser engrave, laser etch, laser mark. We assist with vector drawings and files for laser engraving. We provide final assembly and fulfillment.



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What do we cut and engrave?
We specialize in laser cutting services and laser marking of a variety of materials including: acrylic, plastics, paper, cardboard, leather, textiles, wood, vinyl, mirrors and many materials suitable for laser cutting.




What we don’t cut?

We don’t laser cut metals, PVC metals and anything that is thicker than 1″




What we need from you

To laser cut and engrave for you we require vector file(s) compiled in a drawing editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, AutoCad or CorelDRAW. If you don’t have a vector file at this stage, we can also make them for you!

Lasers are just so versatile! It is fantastic what can be done with clever design, good material selection, highly trained laser operators and the best in laser machinery. We’re continually blown away by client designs and can’t wait to see what will come in next, so why not browse the website for inspiration, then tell us your ideas and we’ll work with you to see how it can be done!

If you need larger sizes we can simply cut your design in sections and use registration points to join pieces together. We can also convert your artwork into a stencil format ready for laser cutting if you are struggling.

Jewellery and brooches, displays and packaging, makings and engraving, signage, décor and art, invitations and stationary, toys and puzzle’s, key rings and branding as well as gifts and favours are just a few things that we can manufacture.



How it works

How it works

Once you have your vector file ready for laser cutting please fill out the quote request form so we can give you a price. The more information you can give us the faster our quoting process can be.

We’ll get back to you with any questions we may have and if it all seems straight forward then we will send through the cost to produce your item.

Pricing is based on the time in takes to cut and the material. Each job will be different so please contact us (with your vector file) for a quote.

If you’re happy with the quote we’ve given you we’ll invoice you for the job, we accept payment by bank deposit, details will be on the invoice. All jobs must be paid for before production begins.

 Once they are done we will ship your order, then you just have to wait for Mr Postman (or sometimes courier) to deliver them. We can usually laser cut your job within 48hrs of receiving payment and express post it so you receive it the next day. Woohoo!

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